St. Patrick's Island Lighting
St. Patrick's Island project, which features Structura poles and bollards, was able to create dark skies and safe public place while reducing blue-rich white light.
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Reed Pole at UTEP
Reed poles are featured in Architectural SSL Magazine's June 2015 issue for the University of Texas, El Paso project, designed by Yarnell Associates LLC.
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Duo Bollard and Solar Pedestrian Light
New bollards and solar lighting introduced for Spring 2015.
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MVVA’s forest-inspired waterfront park features Structura
Posted on April 11, 2014 by structuraoutdoor

Harbourfront Centre, the heart of Toronto’s waterfront, has undergone an extensive site transformation, creating new public spaces and amenities for the central waterfront site. The surface between York Quay Centre and Queen’s Quay Terminal now features two forest-inspired public spaces; Ontario Square and Canada Square plus a new outdoor exhibition venue and marketplace.
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UTYL Urban Furniture
Posted on April 8, 2014 by dkohnen

Structura presents the UTYL collection of urban furniture, part of their site solutions of public lighting and site amenities. Design by Aubrilam and Flavard & Saguez.
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